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101 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Isabelle Radtke 101 days ago
Trough evolution plants have learned important survival techniques/intelligence:
  • Adapation . defense-seduction
  • plants reacts to nutrients transported by fludid trourg the root , light and virus and infection (like in the human body
  • memory: store a certain signal for a certain time and eventually combine information
  • plant neurobiology: make the right choices to survive 
  • Cooperation
  • communication trough chemical means
146 days ago
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206 days ago
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pad en friche.... 
304 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Isabelle Radtke 304 days ago
Une approche poétique de l'économie forestière/la vision du sculpteur
357 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Isabelle Radtke 357 days ago
Isabelle Humbert-Radtke (FR) 
Sculptor & engineer, Les Usines Louise
Isabelle Radtke is sculptor and bio-hacker at La Paillasse Saône. She created the LUL project to give shape to an intuition she called “tools to think with your hands” that shifts the creative process towards sustainable and frugal solutions. These tools will be invented and created by means of sketches, poetic and technical periods. As an open project, can get involved in its research. Doing so, Radtke hopes to instigate a co-creative process to develop an art form that would belong to those using and making it.

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